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Feb 14, 2021

Swarm of Palo Alto PAN-OS vulnerabilities

Source: Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewall (NGFW) is one of the leading enterprise firewalls used by companies around the world to protect against various cyber-attacks. It runs on

Jun 8, 2020

Open Source: vulnerabilities are doubled in 2019

Open source code allows developers to quickly integrate new capabilities into applications without having to reinvent the wheel, but it doesn't come without hazards. A new report from RiskSense provides in-depth findings on

Apr 26, 2020

Segmentation fault in SSL_check_chain (CVE-2020-1967)

OpenSSL Security Advisory [21 April 2020] ========================================= Segmentation fault in SSL_check_chain (CVE-2020-1967) ===================================================== Severity: High Server or client applications that call the SSL_check_chain() function during or after a TLS 1.3

Apr 13, 2020

Stay away from Tax Season Scams

Since we are into tax season, scammers are hoping to take charge archives, document deceitful returns in exploited people's names, and blackmail installment with bogus dangers of IRS activity because of remarkable assessment

Mar 23, 2020

A Long List of Coronavirus-Themed Attacks

The latest development adds to a long list of cyberattacks against hospitals and testing centers, phishing campaigns that distribute malware such as AZORuIt, Emotet, Nanocore RAT and TrickBot via malicious links and attachments,